Lucas Ramirez with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
"His thoughtful and thorough approach to issues makes Lucas Ramirez an excellent addition to the Mountain View City Council."
- Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman*

Lucas Ramirez with Supervisor Joe Simitian
"I'm for Lucas. He's a smart guy with good values and a great work ethic. Lucas listens to us all, knows the community, and will serve Mountain View well."
- Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor*

Lucas Ramirez with Downtown Committee Member Merry Yen
"Lucas is a policy wonk - in a good way! He understands the issues inside and out, and he cares deeply for the future of Mountain View. Please join me in supporting Lucas for City Council!"
- Merry Yen, Downtown Committee Vice Chair*

Lucas Ramirez with Former Mayor Mike Kasperzak
"Lucas has the experience to succeed as a councilmember from day one. He knows the process, has a strong grasp of the issues, and is an ardent advocate for good government."
- Mike Kasperzak, Former Mayor & Councilmember*

Lucas Ramirez with Councilmember and Former Mayor Ken Rosenberg
“My support for promoting Lucas to Council from the Environmental Planning Commission is unwavering. Lucas is one of the few Mountain View residents who is knowledgeable on nearly every issue that has been - and will be - in front of Council for deliberation and action. He will be a strong voice for the people.”
- Ken Rosenberg, Councilmember & Former Mayor*