Lucas Ramirez with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
"His thoughtful and thorough approach to issues makes Lucas Ramirez an excellent addition to the Mountain View City Council."
- Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman*

Lucas Ramirez with Supervisor Joe Simitian
"I'm for Lucas. He's a smart guy with good values and a great work ethic. Lucas listens to us all, knows the community, and will serve Mountain View well."
- Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor*

Lucas Ramirez with Downtown Committee Member Merry Yen
"Lucas is a policy wonk - in a good way! He understands the issues inside and out, and he cares deeply for the future of Mountain View. Please join me in supporting Lucas for City Council!"
- Merry Yen, Downtown Committee Vice Chair*

Lucas Ramirez with Former Mayor Mike Kasperzak
"Lucas has the experience to succeed as a councilmember from day one. He knows the process, has a strong grasp of the issues, and is an ardent advocate for good government."
- Mike Kasperzak, Former Mayor & Councilmember*

Lucas Ramirez with Councilmember and Former Mayor Ken Rosenberg