Photo Credit: Austin Lee

I feel tremendous gratitude: for my family, my friends, the hundreds of people who invested their time and treasure in my campaign, and the thousands of people who supported me on November 8th. I am especially grateful for Emily Ann Ramos, my extraordinary campaign manager and treasurer; Charisse Ma Lebron, who helped recruit volunteers week after week; Meghan Fraley, who kept me sane and focused; Nicole Fernandez, for taking the lead on social media; Kevin Ball, who helped with the website; and Anna Botelho, Merry Yen, Joan MacDonald, and Deb Henigson, who organized meet & greets and helped with other events. There are so many others who helped make the campaign as successful as it was. I could not have done it without you.

Congratulations to Chris Clark and John McAlister on your re-election and to councilmembers-elect Margaret Abe-Koga and Lisa Matichak! I look forward to seeing the good work you will do for Mountain View over the next four years.

- Lucas Ramirez